Why I Write

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 10:16 -- Joekyra


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(poems go here) Why do I write?
My writing is who I am, who I was and who I am to be.
All of my writing no matter what it reflects,
Reveals a real, true and inner piece of me.
People know my name, not my story,
They see not cuts but not my scares,
They focus on my tears but never notice why they flow.
My writing, my words, my verses ,
Gives people a chance to see the things they felt at first did not show.
I write because every tear I cry is a word,
Every silent yell at night becomes a verse
All the pain I have inside becomes my inspiration.
I have to write, if I don’t my heart has a desperation to get rid of the things
On the inside that cause it to constantly be aching.
I write because I love it, its who I am.
It’s a part of what makes me an individual.
But I also write so no one feels alone.
I know there is someone in the world who feels what I feel,
Or has experienced something like my life.
Giving them something to relate to, in my eyes, is what makes my writing right.
But overall, I write to tell a story.
Not just a story, but my story!
I write to tell a story of a girl who doesn’t want to be misunderstood.
I write to tell a story of a girl who feels that writing is her livelihood.
I write to heard!
Writing is my love, my passion my life.
So weather you accept it or not,
Now you know why I write .


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