Why I Write?


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I have always had a love for singing
And no I do not sing because I can sing
Because honestly I cannot..
Yet I sing anyways
Because deep down inside of me
There is a part of me that comes alive when I sing
There is a new twinkle in my eye
New pep in my step
New light in my shine..
But only when I sing.
Despite this I cannot sing.
So no you will not hear me singing
In the hallway, on stage, on YouTube,
Or even in the shower.
My only fans are me, my self, and I.
I do not sing because I have talent
I sing for the simple fact that it brings me joy
I can feel the melody in my soul.
No one will ever understand
My love for something that
I love to do but cannot do well..
I sing for me.
And although it makes no sense to you.
It makes perfect sense to me,
Which is why I write.
I may not write everyday.
Most times my writing is really bad,
But that doesn't stop me from writing.
Even my closest friends do not know I write.
My only readers are me, myself, and I.
Writing gives me an escape
From the forever changing
Forver confusing
World around me.
Regardless of what is going on in my life
I can always count on writing to
Put a new twinkle in my smile
New skip to my walk
New reason to love strong and hard
New ray of hope in my life
But only when I write.
And no I cannot write well
Yet I write for the simple fact that
It brings me happiness.
And although it may not make any sense to anyone
But me.
That's okay because
I write for me.


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