Why I Write


United States
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I write to slay the monsters
Or the monster of a blank page.
I write to keep the fear away
To kill the loneliness, time, boredom.
I write to free my soul, to pour my heart out
Onto a blank page, hoping to mold it
To shape it, to tear it and start all over again.
I write to procrastinate, to fulfill, to win
To express myself, to stun, shock and awe.
I entice, despair, entertain, drop jaws and break hearts.
I write to show I was here. Who was I?
I was words on a paper, filling a book, a heart, a soul.
I write to touch someone
To show them they aren’t alone.
And when all else fails, when I have no other reason at the end of the day
I write because I live.


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