Why I Write


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I write because I can
And without a fee,
For writing is so special
As it gives me glee.

I know I’m not great
But I’ll do my very best,
And when you see me coming
Don’t let it be like the rest.

Read it for the life
And read it for the love,
But never read if you must
You’ll lose its sacred dove.
Poetry is sound
It calls you with a sound,
As it pounds into your heart
But lifts you from the ground.

I write because I can
And this you must know,
I don’t care for the darkness
Or the evil crow.

Though poetry might seem at bay
When bright light sun might dive,
Just remember these sacred words
That love will always thrive.

I write because I can
And only few can see,
That what I do is special
It’s special unto me.



There's a space between "dove" and "poetry". Thanks guys.

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