Why I Write

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 14:18 -- tricy07

I write so I won't forget about you ,
I write when there's nothing else to do ,
the paper doesn't judge me or look at me strange when I'm myself.
I write to be heard and listened to ,
I write because I no longer have you.
I write to express me, be me, fulfill me.
It shouldn't be this hard to explain but I write because its apart of me ,
Writing takes the anxiety
Tells me I will make it one day
It tells me I am stronger than I ever was, because now I'm not afraid to admit how I feel.
Writing destroys the demons that say your ugly and not good enough.
Writing is the confidence on paper , I aspire to be in the present.
Writing , my security blanket , you don't disappoint me.
The best part of writing is when no one is listening
That's when we're really ourselves anyway.
I write because no one can hear me like this paper does.
I write to deal,
Deal with all the aches, pains and regrets.
Conquer the guilt that once destroyed me.
Writing is my alter ego,
I'm the best when I let it all go.
I rarely like my writing because its never finished to me.
Rarely do I say I love this poetry let me read it to you.
I write to start what I can never seem to finish.
I write because others like you,reading this inspire me.
Inhale the words ,
Exhale the meaning
I write for clarity of who I really am.
I write because I miss how my words dance on paper,
I miss the complex meaning of the word "why"
I miss the repetition of the same words but they're always different,
I miss who I am as writer.
Why I write is beyond me , maybe you could tell me.


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