Why I Want To Be An Architect

She looked at me with tired eyes and said,
"your heart is not a hotel it is a home.
It is not meant for temporary stays, and one night stands.
It's meant for warmth and unconditional love.
Sometimes you give people the key and if they move out they will forget to give it back.
Sometimes they do give it back.
Sometimes people will break in when it's empty, take what they can, and go.
Find people who will break down the walls and transform it into something beautiful when you think there's nothing left.
They will work with what you give them.
Find people who decorate it with little treasures.
Find people who are willing to expand it.
Find people who plan on spending the rest of their lives here.
Because when little things break, they will fix it.
So you don't crumble in on yourself.
Don't let them break you down and leave you to rot the way they did to me."

This poem is about: 
My family


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