Why I Use A Filter


Yes I have imperfections

And not the sweetest complexion

Yet I try to look at those and say

“I have been given blessings”


These scars are lessons

I remember in my reflections

They do not go away

But over time the pain lessens


I suffer from depression

Wearing a false expression

Looking sunny while it rains

So I don’t give the wrong impression


But if I took off my mask

To show them who I really am

I know that they would ask

For me to put it on again


Outside is calm and crystal clear

Inside, a storm of raging tears

Emotions tumbling, hate and fear

My limit is past, the break is near


I truly believe if they could hear me

None would really want to come near me

Though I wish that they could see me clearly

My filters stay on for I care for them dearly

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I heard that. I like your filter poem and also the picture


You did really good on this poem

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