Why I right

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 16:11 -- TheW12


I write to prove wrong those who doubt my intellectual abilities without having to use my physical     voice. In the end there are some words that should be left unsaid.

I write to demolish the walls blocking my inner most thoughts. My emotional being is released out of its tomb in full effect. When it is done, I can mummify it back to the tomb, for it to reveal itself later again. 

I write because my words which form stories are time portals to my past and future. Whoever said time travel does not exist has never written before. My memories are relived through this paper and pencil.

I write to hold onto my personal security nobody must see, but me. Especially in this world of today where a complete stranger could know everything about you, without knowing anything about you.

I write to healthily relieve my anger from those who have the audacity to provoke my peace. I do not have to disturb the atmosphere with my curses.

I write to be in charge and hold all the power and order. It is as if I am the queen of this monarchy, enslaving every word that is etched onto the page. As supreme ruler it is my duty to make sure every adjective, noun, simile, metaphor is doing my queendom justice.

I write in place of tears after all wasted tears and wasted treasures shall never be measured.

I write to knock down reality’s guidelines and boundaries and say “No way!” I am taken to my own rendition of Neverland. I hold the ability to create unspoken creatures that reap in the night sky! My sense of imagination is kept alive and well, through these words. These words are secret gateways to my dreams. 

And that is why I write


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