Why I Look Back

They say put your past behind you in order to pave your future

But how do you create a future when you have no past

How do you become first

If at first you don't start last


They say live and let die

But how do you identify bad experiences and deal with the pain

How do you learn that there soon will be sunshine

Right after the rain


They say forgive and forget, bury the hatchet, it’s water under the bridge

But I say forgive and remember

You didn’t go through that hardship for nothing

It was so that you could become wiser and not let anyone else hurt you like that ever


They say rely on your senses and your common sense

But they have forgotten one important part

Not everything can be handled by senses and your mind

Sometimes you have to follow your heart


Which, is why tomorrow I plan to move forward, but why I look back

We are doomed to repeat events if we don’t learn from history

So I look back on my mistakes and success

To see where I’ve been, to see where I am going


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