Why I Live



It is a hefty toll I owe  A heavy load to hold  A tax only I may know  For every action to be so bold  Life has been kind to me  It has rocked me as well as the sea  It has carried my heart to roam free  It has led me to all I am to be  My words are simple  They are eager and confident  My passion, a source that is ample  My soul, a room not for rent  On my mind is where time is spent  As I wonder what is to take place  I contemplate the future in my face  For it shakes my sturdiest base  I love the roots I am planting  On a slope that can be so slanting  I am guided by instinct  It keeps me from failing  My focus is very distinct  My mind is clear and unfilled with fear  This is what I live for  I live just to soar 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

let your voice be heard

express yourself

Po3try Br3d

Thank you!!

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