No no I don't want to be with you
because simply not
You don't make me goosebumps
you don't produce in me nothing
Any sensation
Feeling or passion
You finished with all that
When you went
Why I don't want to be with you

Because simply not
You don't produce anything in me
Not even physical Or emotional
My soul or my body
wish for you
If I loved you in other life
My soul does not remember it
My hands or my wings of being stand

I dont know
There was a time in which even I revived
Of Madness for you
I didnt die
Because my soul will never die
There was a time that my penis and my testicles
had a feeling for you
There is so much tape of my soul
that you tore that you left and now already I take it off

Why I dont know
I love the new
I want a new being
That revives my soul
That sighs my life
that without sinks
Makes me feel desired in the soul
That makes me and let me ruffle the soul
That stick beautiful paintings
in my soul of talent
To love with big quantity
and not stupid pieces of tape
That wants to stick me to its life and leave me
Im not that old tape of one
My soul is not any tape of no one.
-Jonatan Vega

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