Why I Do

Sat, 04/27/2019 - 19:40 -- Rayiah

I write to disappear

From my problems

From the world

I write because sometimes it feels like only paper will listen to me

I write because I want to feel alive

The brisk rush of words flowing onto a page


I learned that being alive is more than just breathing

I learned you have to take life a few breaths at a time

I learned that remembering to take those breaths can be hard


I remember because society refuses too

I remember because the blood spilled was for me

Because it was spilled for all of us


I live because Tamir and Alton can’t

Because Trayvon and Sandra can’t

Because Eric Garner can’t breathe

Because I can’t breath

I live because breathing is hard

But holding my breath is so much harder


And holding my tongue is harder

And holding on is harder

And holding up the universe with my pen is easier


I smile for the people who have a reason to write

For those who have a reason to learn

To remember

To live

I smile for those who are trying to find that reason


I smile because I’ve finally found mine.



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