Why I Can't Sleep

The trees are dying and the

Streets are quickly filling up with

Dead bodies. The stench of money

is in the Air and the water drips red onto

our blackened palms.


I wake up in the morning and choke

on my phone, tablet, homework, and daily chores

as they force themselves down my esophagus.

I walk to the mirror and put my blindfold on.


The sun is bright and the people are happy;

Nobody is dying and the world isn't sick.

I am happy. You are happy. We all are

Content with the contents of our lives.


I take the blindfold off. I stop using my

Dasani water bottle, my Hummer, my

Forty minute shower. I shock the world

by starting a movement of resource



I change the world by changing

Myself. Maybe now the trees won't

gasp their secrets into my palms;

maybe now my face won't be bloody with

red water.


Maybe now I can go

to sleep

in the soil without worrying about

Maggots feasting on skin and guilty thoughts.


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