Why Hide


United States
41° 16' 17.6232" N, 86° 37' 14.8584" W

Trying so hard to climb the walls that have been built ,

Only to fall down before ever even have tried.

Just looking for a chink in the armor,

But it is greeted with a smooth and flawless canvas

That is until the road is traveled down upon that its noticed . . .

A ripple in the wall, that only the faintest of reflections would show.

Hidden so deep no one would find it, yet someone did.

And that caused a great worry.

That someone could finally expose the true depths of a soul,

Leaving it more raw, vulnerable and damaged then it already was.



I wrote this poem for a boy I know. A boy so damaged he says he cannot be saved, but I think that everything that is broken can be fixed. I will try to fix him, even it takes me forever.

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