Why Don't We Fight For Love?

Love will always be seen as a four letter word, the phrase "I Love You" will mean nothing until you make it worth meaning the stars.

I was once so deep in love it scared me,it scared me not becase someone I was in  love but because someone getting close to me means letting them into my soul.

Some may think it sound silly but to me the act of love will show me how far our stars will shed the light of our happiness in the dark blue sky of clouds.

But temptation will do nothing bu drain each power we seek in eachother. It not only broke me but it showed me what it feels like to be stabbed a million times in the chest without mercy.

So to answer the mystery question "Why don't we fight for love?" will simple the act of playing the fool afer many years, months, days, hours, mintues, seconds...the embarrasment we have felt to know the one thing we thought we loved became so clear a reality of knowing your worth.

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