Why Don't They Jump Rope?

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 23:07 -- kait33

Why don't they jump rope anymore?

Play hopscotch or brush Barbie's hair? Think boys are icky

so they scorn them as they stare.


Why don't they go outside anymore?

Have fun at the park, but make it back home before the streetlights

come on and it begins to get dark.


Why don't they read their books anymore?

Or take the time, to open up a world of knowledge that can be

bestowed in their little minds.


We live in a world where that is unimportant now.

In order to be on top, you have to look down on people, places, things.

Including the ones you love most.


Yeah, it's very cold now


The little girl is shivering and wants to get out.

Her soul is locked away by society which forces out the unbearable reality

that the little girl is no more. 


She doesn't feel a thing of course because she knows no better.

Her peers and the adults who surround her hold it together 

as if nothing is wrong.


The truth is the little girl is long, long gone

and perhaps was never there to begin with.


Why don't they jump rope anymore, you ask?


Well, she has you see.

She's jumped the rope, the very thick, useless,

immoral, hateful rope, of...



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