Why does The World Judge Us?


Why does the world judge us?

They act like the victims,

yet they're holding the gun.

Why does the world judge us

when we learn from our mistakes

and we're just having fun?

Just because we're different

doesn't mean we're a threat.


They claim to know us and

advertise our need for morals.

That we're just disrespecful kids

poisening the world.

Our hearts are filled with sin and

infected by the devil, but

gossip is a sin and all sins are equal.


I'm in the heart of my youth

and yes, I'm ignorant, but I

make these decisions because I'm human.

Nobody's perfect or free from blame;

we just take on life in different ways.


You see, we're all great kids

with pure love in our hearts,

and we've had each other's back

right from the start.

We don't judge and we play fair;

we all run free without any care.


Your mind is closed to different

because your life has remained permanent.

Well, each day I awake is a new adventure

because my life is temporary and

should be filled with laughter.


I was created for a purpose far more important

than my outer surface.

So, please keep this in mind, World

when you turn your back to me.

God is the superior and

He loves me unconditionally.




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