Why does time go by so fast?

"Why does time go by so fast?"
I keep nagging to my trusted adults
Hoping they provide a solid answer to this puzzle
Yet they fail to explain
While it slips into the back of my mind
Until it reemerges to be asked of again.

One of these reemergences happened to be on an ordinary night
Up past the rest of the flock
Swiping through my messages
When one of them sticks outright
From the puddle of my posts

I decided to investigate its contents
Lo and Behold! It is from a longtime friend
And she reveals that she will be tying the knot
During the first year of her college career
For the first time in my life,
I will be witnessing a veteran friend getting married.

From that moment, my soul "Glo-ed up"
Now I have realized that time passes by so quickly.
Even if I take a breather and ask
"Why does time go by so fast?"

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