Why Do We Listen?

There is no great science to living you can do, say or be anything you like

People are always going to have something to say so why bother listening?

Why bother listening?

When the person doesn’t know you or care about you or you them, why are you listening?

Cute, Good-looking, pretty, hot, beautiful, perfect

What do these words mean, aside from the idea that you fit some superficial connotation?

Where do these “compliments” get you, what do they mean, by whose definition or standard and why are we listening?

Do the more compliments or glances you get equal how great of a person you are?

Does our outward appearance mirror our goals, accomplishments, wants, desires, or potential?

Is our destiny laying in the way our genes randomly fit together?

What makes someone more worthy of attention than another, what is beauty, what does that mean?

Okay, alright, different, weird-looking, ugly, gross

Says who? So what? By whose standards? Why are we listening?

Why are we listening?

Why do the actions associated with these word have to be so negative? When did It become okay to make beauty or lack thereof a key trait?

When did something so uncontrollable become the center of control

You can be and do and say and become anything you like, whether half the people you meet give you a compliment or not

You do not have to be defined by others if you do not want to be

People who know nothing about you have little validity in what they say

Only those who matter to you, matter when it comes to you

So now, start listening,  but only to the things that matter


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