WHY do I Write?


When I put pen to paper there is no hold back on the amount
Endless feelings cannot be spilled with in 30 lines
And an imminent amount of time
And sometimes, they're not even sublime
So you're here, like why waste my time
Reading this so-called 'trash'
Something to be constantly bashed
Never really thrashing with luck
Hopefully it's good enough that I can make a quick buck


But even if my self-esteem into my writing is at an all-time low
People not really liking how my diction flows
That doesn't stop my feelings from spilling out of my mind
And onto the surface that you see it on.
My words are art.
Similar to that of the finest piece that you've ever seen.
The "Mona Lisa"; best of words.

WHY do I write turns into WHO for?
deeper meanings
I write to not just entertain the masses to gain rich and fame
Boost my self confidence
I do it to tell my story, the things no one has the balls to tell
To those who are willing to listen to the stories 
The life of a wicked teenager and her doings
With every line, you have to read in between them
And catch my drift
Smelling my whiff
Receiving my message.

WHY do I write turns into WHAT? 

When the pen touches the paper, my mind goes off
Like a ticking time bomb
comes the vault of emotions that shows WHY.
The readers telling you the reason
Because of their reaction to the arrangement of my well-written
Truths with a sense of fabrication

I write so you just don't read my voice
Not just see or hear it
But you feel it.
You can taste what I taste because you understand what I go through.
Not even meant to be intoxicating
But meant to be a mirror for those of the same feeling

I write not because I want to, but because I have to
It is my obligation
My calling
Not my hobby, but my fallen,


c h e e r y ,

     understandable among it's difference to others,


stress-relieving life style.


I write because I love to.


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