Why do I write?

Why do I write?
A questioned that's plagued me since puberty.

Why do I write?

I'm not very good.

My woulds aren't flowing or detailed.

I'm repetitive with Ands or Ors,

and that gets annoying.

Why do I write

when my words get so jumbled

that not even I know what I'm saying?
My grammar is horrid and I misspell words a lot,

so why in this universe would I continue to write?

I write for many a reason,

some more selfish than others.
I write for my mother,

who's always been there for support.

I write for my father,

who works harder than any man on Earth.

I write for my teachers,

who make me write essays in a little box

when I'd rather be writing free prose outside.

I write

for the people who can't.

I write

because sometimes

a pen and paper are the only ones to listen.

I write

because sometimes

I only want a pen and paper to listen.

I write

for free expression

and for feelings to run free.

I write

sometimes just because.

I write

because I'm a teenage,

moving on to college,

and I'm completely terrified.

I write

to break social norms

and re-write stereotypes.

I write

to ease the thoughts

that try to consume me.

But most of all,

I write
because no one ever told me I couldn't.


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