Why Do I Write?

People ask me it everyday
In my response I always say
I write so my opinion will be heard
With my words strong, like a sword.
That is what I wish

I write to help you
I write to help me
I want to make an impact
If it makes you smile
Or go the extra mile
It made a difference.
That is what I wish

I want to show you're not alone
I want a light in life to be shown.
That is what I wish

Sometimes my emotions are what I write
Then writing helps me feel right
I'm sure some thoughts of mine
Have also passed through your mind
I want to prove normal does not exist here
But if so, you'd take part, don't fear.
That is what I wish

You might not follow trends
Or have a lot of friends
But you are somebody
You have a meaning
When you're low, things only go up
And if you learn all that from my work.
Than I have succeeded.


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