Why do I do the Things I Do

Why do I do,

The things I do and say to you?

In strict terms these things I do,

Because I love you.


I'll comfort you when times are rough.

I'll promise to do my part.

I'll stick around when times get tough.

I'll heal every wounds from skin to heart.


Why? Because I love you.


My love is an iceberg,

Visible only a little.

What's beneath is nicer,

A love that's in no sense brittle.


Why do I say this? Because I love you


To list what I'd do,

For someone who is you.

Would be impossible to do.

Why? Because I love you.


You think these words are shallow,

That these are words on a page.

A splotch of ink splattered carelessly forming words to woo you,

I must tell you that's not true!


Why? Because I love you!


I fail to write words for your beauty,

I stand in awe at your knowledge,

Everyone's seen something pretty,

Compared to you, it's garbage.


Why do I say such things?





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Our world
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