Why do a Eagle soar, why do a Fish swim?


Why does he write?

An question rhetorical in its nature

To know why he writes

Is to kno the story

of the Pen & the Paper

One plays the role of his savior

the other one plays the role of his creator

Creator of his own thoughts

Dive to the depths of his mind

Only to find another layer


Why does he write?

Simple, because if he is still writing

Then he is still dreaming

If he is still dreaming

Which means there still something that

he stil believe in

Even if its only himself that he believe in

For the mind of the writer burns bright like a lighter

Serving as their beacon,

Under its light, see all those that it inspire


Why does he write?


Do you ask a whale why it dives to the depths of the ocean?

Do you ask a bird why when it fly it keeps its wing in motion

Or why as it wings part the clouds, it split the sky open?

Is it because of its their nature to do so?

Or the path they have chosen?

Well the answer lies within

For this is the story of him

The writer who write

From what lies within



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