Why did this happen?


Why? I asked 

My friends couldn't answer

Neither could my parents 

My conselour was clueless 

My teacher was the only one 


Why? I asked my teacher 

Why did this happen to me ?

My grandma passed away 

And Im failing my classes

I should have been there

Instead of here

I could have done something  

Why did this happen to me? 


Why couldn't I have prevented this from happening?

What can I do 

To heal these painful wounds 

Why did this happen to me?


Why it happened? My teacher asked

It happened because God took her to the promise land 

And he said take my hand 

There she rest 

And be free of pain 

Also so that you don't feel any shame 

So keep your head up high 

And reach for the sky

Because she there looking down on you saying don't cry


Why did this happen?

I know now

My heart felt her 

I was crying with joy 

Why did this happen?

A lesson was learned 

Because all good things must come to an end 

So that way you can transcend to new heights 





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