Why are you in it?


Being rewarded:

to receive something for doing something.

It's a great feeling

whether it be cash or whatever with we're dealing. 

It sort of a mental healing. 

To feel accepted and recognized,

not rejected and in disguise.

It's like we're all in it only for the prize.

but I ask myself why?

We all want to be noticed for greatness 

with kind words and opposite of hateness. 

As soon as possible not accepting belatedness. 

But if you truly wanted to do something,

rewards wouldn't matter.

all the hatred or the sounds of people chatter 

Instead would help you climb up the ladder. 

Because if your heart is in it one hundred percent

you wouldn't even want something in return

knowing you accomplished it is enough to let it burn

and if it isn't then by far you have a lot more to learn. 



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