why? And Who Am I...


hey yall its mycall (michael) to live on and so forth and so on

my life is a pen and a pad im just right on rythm is my poem like life goes on

like my poems are just a bunch of run ons cant you tell that im on 

off the chain as a rabbid loose dog i just run it sonic the hedchog if spelled correctly 

yall i love r.a.p. it loves back you can say it feels a gap between me and a broken family

tree i just want success but this apple aint to far from the tree im right outside the door

somebody slide me the key if not then it will result in a burglary so back to me 

my life is an odd beat to me but to you its a hit and to me i feel im singing off key

i just want to be the next 23 only in another category catepolt from the rubble to the side

where the grass so green only to find out i could of planted better seeds and took the time 

out to tend to those weeds its agreed its mind over matter no matter your situation life is what 

make it its ironic karma the epitome of make it take it.. see my life is a run on without puncuations 

like the sky is the limit there are no limitations


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