That Is Why


United States
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Each person is like a shape,
No two shapes are exactly the same,
But no shape is ever simple.
We all have sides not displayed
For this or that reason,
Yet, we feel the need to express
That these hidden shadows,
Which make up who we are,
Are acceptable to the minds and hearts of others;
That is why I write.

Just as some embrace sports,
The players, plays and competition,
Get lost in the refined melodies
Of stringed notes in the ear,
Or find their reflection in the lines
Of painted or penciled canvas,
I find sweet relief in words.

Spoken voice is not as often
A tool that offers much comfort.
The thoughts that crowd in
Are too complex for a moments consideration.
But words on a page can ignite
The imagination and extract
The darkness that threatens to take over.
That is why I write.


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