Why'd you do that?

I thought you loved me 

Why wont you stop beating me?

I wish that I could hug you but 

You just make me cry

You said I was a mistake, what did I do to you

I didn't mean to hurt you

I thought you would be okay

Why'd you do that?

I thought you loved me

I wish you could see how much you're hurting me

I'm only six , you scar me up and whip me


Who do I run to? Who do I tell?

Can somebody tell me what's happening to me?

It goes on and on till the night is day 

Why dad?

Why do you want to take me away?

I really wish this nightmare would go away

I see myself and I'm hopeless

I crying hoping that it'll end one day but

Can you tell me dad why?

I hide under my bed but I know you will find me 

Please tell me, why do you hate ? 

I'm your only child 

I just want love, stop hurting me

My life is slowly going away

I don't remember the last time I was free

Why dad? Why must you hurt me ?

I wish mom was here, that's when you loved me

Why'd you do that?

I thought you loved me

I loved you

I wish I could escape

I hope your happy about what you have done

Here it come, the beating again

I have to go

I have to hide



This poem is about: 
Our world


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