Why do we believe what we percieve to be true?

What makes any of us different from any of you?

I can't stand illiterate, inconsiderate, and illegitimate people.

It makes their arguments impractical and inconcievible.

I just want to take a dictionary and slap it on your face so you get the base of how disgraceful you make this, Ace. 

Why can you do that, but I can't?

It's not that I cant, but I shan't.

I won't get down on your level, and I won't remove my bezel from my true face and choke you out with a shoe lace.

I won't give you the time, but let me leave you with this rhyme:

Be the bigger person and move on; don't try to dwell, all you'll find is con, con, con.

I can't stand anything you do anymore, so I'll just turn my back and compose my core.

I'll find someone else whom I can stand, not just someone who tries to understand.


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