Why, god have to take you away

You were my hero in bright shiny armor

You guided me into the light

When i was hidden, hiding in a corner consumed by darkness 

Consumed my pain and sorrow


When i though there was no other way but to cut my wrist 

To take my life, to leave this miserable planet you were there to guide me

When everyone told me i  was going to end up dead or in prison for life

Or when they told me i was worthless and a piece of shit 

You were there for me you told me everything was going to be alright

You said lift your head up you have to much to live for don't fret about what other say 

You're better than that 

Even though you knew i was selling drugs and doing drugs you were there 

So i thank you deeply with all of my heart i love you and appreciate everything that you have done for me

So i ask my self


Why did god have to take you away from me

When i had found out that you left this hell on earth this horrible planet

Yes, i was sad but i thought to myself why be sad and distraught when one day i will see you again

But this time perfect condition

Not in a state where you couldn't move couldn't talk couldn't even take a piss by your self

Immobilized by your drinking

So now the only question i ask myself is 


Why did god make you sick in the first place was it to get at me 

Did i do something that you didn't like?

I've asked myself a million times why?

Trying to figure out an answer that i cant figure out 

So i ask you god why? Why did you take my uncle away?



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