Whose Reality?

Who’s that girl huddled in the corner watching the passerby’s with a smile on her face?
Crying at night when she feels so alone?
Clothes like a beggar on the street
Eyes duller than the night sky
Who’s that girl feasting on crumbs like a meal on Thanksgiving Day?
Smile glued on her swollen lips from the night spent in the cold
Heart carelessly shredded to pieces
Who’s that girl without a mother to watch her grow?
Feared and avoided like the plague itself
Hidden by the hideous form and shunned by all
Who’s that girl curled into herself against the harsh wind?
Rocks thrown not caring for the sobs of the lonely girl
Cruel eyes boring into her back
Coldness pushing her to the brink of death
Who’s that girl sitting in the corner with a frown on her face?
Gone through so much yet still carrying the hope passed on
Ticking of the clock nothing more than a constant reminder
Body going limp
Head toppling over
Falling off the ledge into an abyss darker than the reality
Who’s that unfortunate girl?
Growing weary of the surroundings
Breaths shortening
Ending coming quicker than ever before
Who’s that girl without a father to tell her it’ll be okay?
Left and betrayed by the one she cared for
Trusting the person she shouldn’t have
Thrown away like a bag of trash
Who’s that girl without a friend to hold her hand?
Eyes rolling back
Bones quaking from the warmth that was never there
Single tear making its way down the cheek
Who’s that girl at the threshold of heaven and hell?
Nothing to hold on
Slipping away ….

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