A face so familiar that walks among the ordinary roads.

Disguised by the society of a image you'll destiny on but to change in a way.

You question the person you stand to be everyday.

Who is IMANI?

The question I silently say.

Feeling so misplaced in a world that some what recognized the innocent and gullible smile that fool you all to think.

That the person that walk was known to be something unique.

A stranger in the mirror but a friend at the profile of a mask. Broken windows that tried to figure out the past that remains a mystery .

To try and built something steady as could be. Making things seem perfect but inside wasn't at all.

To continue and call out on something with no emotions.

BUT bust into flames as she held the stones that were thrown at a child of God but a sinner that had let the devil create something no words could described.

Anonymous human being that locked herself in a room of things to blend in with the models of a life time but forbidden from a scream.

To lay quite and try and hold those things that killed you so horribly that at the sight of a monster that broke free from a shell. Trying to protect but to be hit too hard..

only to crack.


among all things to smile and know It's dangerous to those who think they See.

But who is Imani?

A broken angel who dreams of a sky so high but to travel the ground dreaming but in reality you'll just one more thing.

A record with one song that made the pain seem beautiful which is so delicate to be destroyed to the point it repeat the same rhythm hopping one skip will steadily play .

What use to be so common to sing.

Awaken from the sound of miracles to display as a future we try and hold up and check what we have accomplish to bring down our confidence on how far we really are.

The addictive lies that numb the scares on a arm that's been neglected from so much pure love to be sucked into what seems nice.

To challenge the men of the night but what makes the sunlight of day seem so welcoming and the people seem so forgiven to apply logical to common since and truth to reality and fake to real.

To look at something still and watch them shake.

Hiding and covering up all those mistake to laugh and joke and say It's nothing but we all know who you are..

but I can't look pass the times you saved me to think how could a super hero end up a villain.

I can't believe you!

To seem like your disappointed at a friend you though you need but to be skeptical on what looks you in the eyes and says It's OK.

This creature this "thing" in quotations of the person you though couldn't become alive .

Like a nightmare that sneaks in your dreams but you took the soul of what bravery could mean.

You looked away and when you saw the one you knew tipped toes away wishing if only She would have stay what would be the Odds of a magical place...

Over the rainbow the pot of gold melted and the rain poured down, the wind blew you away and the flower which was suppose to bloom couldn't get to that stage of beauty but something unsaid which we will never know.

The person we All want to know..


This poem is about: 



The person you knew CHANGED, WANTING to be something someone loved but the more you stepped away made her accept the face that wearing a mask still couldn't erase what is permit. A SMILE, BECOME ANGRY, ANGER BECOMES POWER AND POWER LEAVES YOU WITH A QUESTION who are you trying to be …

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

imani is an amazing writer that have wondeful gifts waiting to be unwrapped

what it comes down to would you let someone unwrap this gift or keep it remain in the box

and let dust just mount up to where it's unimportant.

you have a wonderful mind, use it and keep inspiring


Man this comment has made me smile and to be honest it as if Im a human being that gets looked passed or ppeople put out What They think of me Sometimes I wonder who am I trying to be. The real IMANI or the IMANI that has been hiding every emotional Momment in my life inside a door. Which awakes someone evil in me. I been going though a lot and that comment you just said made me smile Because maybe someone out their can relate to What Im going though. Words can't express how you just took the time to read my poem and inspire me to push forward. Thank you so very much and I choose to be the one to unwrap my own gift

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

be who you are 

never change that for nobody because you know something

people are not going to like for something, that's part of life

people that love you will accept you for all

be who you are proudly



I will!!!


Thank you so much for reading my poem

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