To Whom It May Concern

We don’t know where we’re going

Or how we’re getting there

Or what to make of this journey called life



But we’re hustling through

Walking with a sense of urgency

Like we’re always late

To the start of the race


With our technology filled pockets

And media crazed bodies

On how we cannot consume enough


Or too little

As my bathroom-ridden friend

From high school lays on the floor

Emptying her stomach from the day before


I write for those that

Seem to be okay

Yet go through life wanting everything to stop


I write for the dreamers

And the doers

And the people that want to be known in this world


I write for the prom queen

And the introvert

I write for the soccer player

And the boys that wanna date her


I write for those that don’t have a voice

And for the ones

That barely make it through the weekdays


I write for the sick

I write for the healthy

I write for the slow

And for the stealthy


But most of all i write for myself

To put feelings through my pen

And to feel the tsunami tides

Rush out from under my skin



I write for anyone with a heart


And hopefully touch

Someone’s mind with mine

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