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Trapped within myself,

Trying to break free,

Trying to break my curse,

And feel whole again.

The wounds vary in size and severity,

Some deep and excruciating,

Creating a permanent scar,

Some just a scratch,

But all combined,

I’m covered,



You are all I have,

What keeps me going,

What keeps me from succumbing,

To a deep,

Dark fate,

And without you,

I could not exist.

Hold me up,

Keep my head above water,

I can’t tread much longer,

Without you I will drown.

You are my savior,

My life,

My world.

You slowly heal my scars,

My scratches,

My stiches,

Nurse me back to health,

You ARE what makes me feel whole again.



Poem that came from my feelings and emotions, very personal.


I appreciate this. I know exactly how you feel. very powerful!

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