Who You Used To Be

Wed, 12/28/2016 - 01:53 -- Eluelfu

It's funny how life can be.

One second your on a bus then thrown in front of a train.

Suddenly your routine of four years disappears and a new one develops,

but this one is more plain with pain that persists of the memories that used to exist,

and you look back on the thought of what you thought and it was not how you wished you saw yourself


And so now you are here not social but working for everything that keeps disapearing and the thought of you not

if the only thing keeping you from disappearing as the seasons change and every ones grown but your still alone

and your working not stop to try and reach for the top not realizing that what your grasping is not what your asking

for when at the top you'll realize that it's not and looking back on it now you remember the reason

the reason of working and non stop persevering to only fill the emptiness that keeps on growing just like the trees who's leaves

leave them your leaves have left and have no sign of coming back but just as a tree you must still grow to survive through the winter

being cold and alone but one day you'll see that it's not all you used to be but to see who you are now and

to be free of the memories.

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