Who is Worthy?


A poem by Alan Turing…

Title: Who is Worthy?


Who can dictate whether or not an individual is worthy?

Ignorant individuals view others based merely on their own journey.

What’s unfortunate is the criticism received by harmless individuals,

Only following their personally desired rituals.


Castration based on personal preferences is ludicrous,

So a future differentiation should be made from this.

Ancient Greek culture is an example of the ideal.

It’s simply not right to treat the LGBT individuals like steel.


Alexander the Great’s sexuality is not today’s norm,

But a successful man like me should not be thrown in a swarm.

Popular sodomy laws throughout the 16th century have proved a sad move,

But I thoroughly hope that future homosexuality is approved.


The 1900’s is my time.

When I broke the enigma code, I thought it was my time to shine.

But, my horrifying treatment has shown me otherwise,

People will consume personal business, just like wine.


So here is to the future, I hope is improved.

The petty discrimination toward these harmless individuals is nothing but crude.

World-wide successes should be praised,

But instead, personal preferences are causing others to become unreasonably outraged. 


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