"Who is This Woman"


Who is this Woman?

How did she come to be?

Why are the makings of her so different?

So Uncommon to both you and me

Who taught her how to walk graciously

With words flowing so smoothly and everlasting

Who ordained her the master of Word-itry

For it wasn’t a word

Until God made thee

Who is this person?

Who speaks among the masses?

How they linger on the the periods in her sentences

How they cultivate upon the meanings

Verbiage that she is using effortlessly

How they struggle to see the reasoning

And study to find the true message and imagery

Words turned into pictures

Feel the breeze cool your mind with the soulful essence of a phrase

A world that only exist in the fragments of a humans mind

When the world finally is whispering to you

What a precious moment in time

Who has witnessed this in person?

Must have been the best time in their life

They had to leave with such gratitude and inspiration

They had to leave better than once they came

And done something spectacular with their life

How can we commemorate this woman?

Is she just a woman, for she speaks of life?

She is showing us what we ought to know

She is spreading light on the meanings of life we have dimmed

Just for the thought of fame, fortune and limelight

She is bringing us back to the truth of us

Making us think, with ought the end result to profit

She is a Prophet of word and life

Who is this Woman?

And who can ever come close to such

A bright light

I wish that I can hear her once again

Speak of the amazing joy of the afterlife

I have a feeling we will one day get to hear this woman

As she writes about the joys of being with loved ones

Writes about the unexplainable divine love of the Holy One

How the Gate , the floors,houses, and tombs of worship are marvelously designed

I have a feeling we will all hear once again 

From this  un-describable,un-de-finable,  

Great  Woman,




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