Who We Are

Who are we really?

The question lingers in the air

We are the ones who can hold each other up

But we let ourselves fall

And when we all fall the damage is hard to fix

The damage breaks our souls

It's sickening to watch

It is like watching some animal die without being able to help

We are the ones who cut ourselves to make everything okay

Reality is hard 

The illsuion of trying to figure out why we are here is even harder to believe

To believe that some force is keeping us alive is 


a lie

We are the ones to see the truth everyones lies

We have been lied to before

The lie of everything will be okay is an easy one to see through

3 years and everything still isn't okay

I am still depressed over my loss

2 years and everything still isn't normal

Where is my trust?

I thought you trusted me

We are the ones who are depressed

We are the ones who understand.


Need to talk?

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