Who She Was, Who She Is

Five to Eleven

Her life turned from child to the protecter of her mom. 

Death of a dad, molestation from a friend, and fighting for respect.

Growing up was an obligation.

Eleven to Sixteen

Her fight for respect became fighting for love and sanity. 

Abuse was constant, dying was an option, and love failed her.

But growing up was necessary.

Sixteen to Eighteen

Life became harder but clearer.

God brother murder, pain increased and life felt shambled.

Growing up was inevitable.

Eighteen to Nineteen

The love of her life opened her eyes to all things that almost broke her,

That almost killed her, 

That could have took her away from him.

That's when a woman appeared.

The mindset of a broken young girl turned into a magical place of respect, honor, purity, love and empathy.

A broken child now lives within a small increment of a strong black woman.

Nothing or no one will destroy her internal greatness that once was turmoil.


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