Who sHe is

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 16:49 -- burde


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I met this lively girl,
She’s funny and smart.
She looked passed my walls,
And straight into my heart.

This girl taught me so much,
More than school or books ever would.
That the stories we read may not be truth,
And the ones to fit in don’t have to be you.
The girl is now my best friend…
My Twin.

She now gets scorned by others,
Because she is something new.
Some they mean to,
Others not so much.
The ones closest to HER,
Calling HER something she’s NOT.

“You’re young and confused.”
Dose this really sound like love to you?
She is who she is, that’s all, and that’s it.

Did I mention she is now a HE,
And I’ll always help him through it?
That’s who he is and
That’s all he needs to be.



This is for my friend who has to deal with this daily and how I will be there for him.

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