Who Needs A Prince?

Once Upon a Time

There was a young, beautiful princess

She was kind, care-free, and happy

As she grew older she had many suitors 

Who were all vying for her attention

But she never gave it


Until one day

A particularly nasty suitor

Was determined to get her attention

He took matters into his own hands

And kidnapped the princess


The princess was scared

She was shocked;

"Why has he done this?"

She wondered


Her father had always told her

"A prince will always save a princess"

But this man had kidnapped her

Was her father wrong?


The princess was conflicted

She wondered if she should wait

For another prince to finally come and save her


After thinking it over

The princess finally realized

She didn't need a prince to save her 

"Who needs a prince?"

She said aloud


When her captor finally came 

To deliever food to her

She jumped up and attacked him

She released all her fury on him


Finally the suitor retreated

And let the princess return home

The princess felt empowered

She finally realized 

She didn't need a prince-

Not now and not ever




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