Who is me

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 19:44 -- emm418


Who is me beyond what they see

Doing what I can for the perfect selfie

Lip gloss on, hair curled slightly

Making sure my imperfections is unsightly

Who is to say who is me

Who is me beyond what they see


I am me and that is'nt going to change

whether that picture is twisted or arranged.

I am the girl not in the picture

I am the girl with no special filter

If only the world could create that perfect ficture


Wishing they saw me on the inside

If only they knew the real me

Instead im asking who is she

The girl beyond the picture who seems to smile so bright

The girl beyond the picture who's hair is out of sight

In the picture is the girl who they see

If only they knew who is inside of me


A girl with flaws who is blind to see

The perfect picture who is inside of she

No filter, No front, just her and thats all

A girl who's perfect

flaws and all






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