Who I Write For

I write for you. 

Old teacher, 

Last year's best friend. 

Rude classmate. 

I write to prove you wrong. 


I write for you. 

Dead leaves. 

Past summers. 

Scarred best friend. 

Crumbling flowers. 

I write to show you you're still beautiful. 


I write for you. 

Little brother.

Mommy and Daddy.

Best friend. 

Grandma and Granpa. 

I write to show you the world is filled with beauty, and that you are too. 


I write for you. 

New teachers. 

New classmates. 

New friends. 

New summers. 

Friends out of touch. 

I write to tell you I look forward to meeting you. To tell you I can't wait and that we'll both make it there. 


I write for you. 


I write to tell the world, everything, everyone that I will be there. That I will be here. That I can see how beautiful you are, that someday, I'll be able to write so well you'll see what I see too. 


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