Who I Was (part 1)

With one kiss I was born on a throne,

By secrecy it was sworn,

The bright shining shadows still tell me their secrets,

My crown has thorns,

That penetrate my skin,

having the blood leak down my face,

closing my eyes in agony,

I see my parents on their thrones in this temple place.

They speak so elegantly but bicker at eachother,

I suppose even Gods can't stay together, 

But what could it all mean?

That I'm something set in time,

Buried in black matter,

The one that sees many perspectives,

I hope one day the real me can speak so that my halo can stop hiding,

and finally be my self healing crown.

With one kiss I was born,

With one push my heart was broken.

With one shout my real skin was torn.

Now I wonder do I look up at the universe or do I mourn?

Because who I am is who I was,

What I did is the cause,

But the memories are coming to rape me, to take my purity,

now nothing but dreams and opportunities are lost. 

They told me to wear out my heart and put on my soul,

to save the world from it's bitter toll.

But I can't help but to cry at the pretty sky that also cries, 

Its just so hard to believe,

That I am a child of two Dieties,

There lies a burden that keeps the flies of my wings.

It could be a trick ,

or Maybe my mind is sick.

Not too sure what is red or blue,

Or if dead Violets are any different to mariposes that grew.

However the wings on my back that can arch the support of my spirit,

Can take me to a place that is bigger than any sun or moon.

To a place that sets me Free.

A world beyond sight, you see. 

But it was not who i was, rather what I was.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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