Who I am When No One is Looking

Faces pass and time flies

The feelings I have, I’ve kept inside

I keep them hidden from the world

Just like when I was a little girl.

No one can hear me as I scream,

I can only simply dream.

That one day soon,

My secrets will come out,

Until then I’ll fake my smile proud.

The secrets I’ve kept compare to none

I am willing to share but only one.

Today you find out the secrets within,

I wanted to tell but this just in.

He threatened my life a soul not to tell,

He touched me and now he’s going to hell,

I was only elven with a secret to hide.

The tears I hold back as he passes by,

I could not tell as he was a relative of mine.

Time has passed the secret is out,

Yet he runs free with nothing to doubt,

After life burns out,

So will he in the pit of hell.


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