Who I am, not through the screens.

Within the consticting walls of social media, I am merely but a single soul, "desperate for attention because I am out of the range of society's normalities."

How about you take a closer look before your fill your mouth with judgement.

I am easily readable, like massive words that take up the capacity of a page.

I am kind hearted, my emotions fragile, like a gnat devoured by a single droplet of water and tormented to it's exhaustion.

I am strong, similar to the physique of an ant, lifting fifty times its own weight for the sake of the colony's survival.

I am courageous, taking my euphoric sense of exploration alongside me wherever I may travel.

I am brave, shoving the negative opinions of others down the disposal of self-consciousness and gripping positivity with my feeble, weak hands.

Don't call me conceeded, rather call me self confident. I deserve to feel not only beautiful but dominant in this supressive world we call "equal".

This poem is about: 
Our world


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