Who I Am- College Essay





Asking me who I am can be answered on different levels

Do you want to know my personality

Or do you want to know my spirituality

Do you want to know my achievements

Or how I conquered a bereavement


I am not defined by three simple adjectives

Do not ask me my dreams because they are all imaginative

My vision of the future is explosive

I dare you to get close to it

But who I am is intriguing

And my only care is for those who believe in me


Society will try to explain me through social media

But a smiling face can be deceiving ya’

Science will try to dissect me into atoms

But I have a God that created a whole man named Adam

Culture will try to place me in a category

But like any young black woman, you can’t put labels on me


I am a student

My classroom is the world

And my textbook explains the beginning and the end, the resurrection and the sin

I am a performer

Like Peter I have become all things to all people so that I may save some

Though I may empathize

I will not terrorize my own soul

To win the minds of those who do not wish to take hold

Of the calling for my victorious goal

I am a leader

Defined by someone who does the right thing

Not according to the world

But to the word which expounds on the man that has integrity flowing from the springs

I am a servant

Because when I take in the homeless, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked

I do that same thing for Jesus

Who says I will never be forsaken

I am a representative

Of the Gray Household

Of Cambridge High School

Of Black History Month Committee

Of the power that’s within me

Of M.A.S.Y. Ministeries

Of my future industries


Let me be a representative of you

Seat me at your table

I want to learn more from you, on how to be and what you do


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