Who I am Behind The Selfies


I have to admit, that without all the makeup and C6 Filters,

I am a girl of impeccable features. Just like the flash on the

Camera, my future is just as bright. Even better, I am a 

Mixture of all filters of personality. I am bubbly, I am

Adventures, I am Unique. Just like the retina display,

I am clear in my intentions. I know my future and the implications.

 When I take off all the makeup, and all there

Is to see is me. I am a beautiful masterpiece. I am beautifully me. 

 I am a Beautiful HD Display. Just like a chipped vintage Polaroid, I 

Am vintage all day. I have my faults and imperfections. I am worth

 Value with each Imperfection making me a better person. 

My selfies don’t show who is behind the picture. If only 

They knew that that person was someone much  greater.


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