Who I Am

I’m finding it rather hard to live with Who I Am.

Especially when Who I Am can be so despicable.

Sometimes, she mentions things I don’t plan on thinking about.

Most times, she does this to distract me.

I am utterly put out with Who I Am currently

I plan on refusing to speak to her for several months.

She can be so selfish!

Just today she interrupted what I was doing to ask me why I was doing it

as if every little thing I am doing now I am doing for some ever elusive end goal.

She really is a hoot with her boyish grin and her selfish laugh

turning every joke into a contest.

She doesn’t even chew when she eats. I mean she does… But not nearly enough

And she wonders why she over eats!

She wouldn’t know Hardship if he hit her in the face.

I know because he’s tried. Several times.

Each time she shut down and looked at me and Hardship as if we were the crazy ones!

You see, Hardship wouldn't put up with it.

I never heard a whip crack so loud as when Hardship spread his leather lips in a wide toothed grin.

She just put her sunglasses on and pretended she couldn’t hear the sound.

But I could tell she felt it but the way she quaked.


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